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Linkert M Model Carburetors
New information to add to this always appreciated.
Note that some models such as the M5,M4, etc, had both early 2 bolt & later 4 bolt air cleaner flanges and some models also had 4 lines of information on the "L&L Manufacturing" side while others of the same model had 3 lines. The "Langsenkamp"line was dropped in early 1940, so if the carb has 4 lines, it is pre-1940, 3 lines 1940 -up. Also note that some models such as the M74 & M74B had both early and late body castings and these castings overlap, and the M74 had  2 types of number stamps, early was centered, late was in the same location as the 74B.
I have a complete list of what body castings were used on what carb models and will post one of these days when I am really bored.
This information may be posted or re-printed provided that is indicated as the source.

FM1A    1939-1940 - Fairbanks Morse stationary motor
            All the other misc. M1B, M1A, etc. are for stationary motors such as generators,etc. NOT motorcycles -
    ;     most will have connection for a remote choke cable operation.
1930-1933 Harley 74" except commercial, 1930-1936 Harley DLD, RLD, 1936 Harley RL
MR2      Harley racing carb.
Harley racing carb.
M4     1930-1935 Harley D,R,Servicar
Harley racing carb.
Harley racing carb.
M5        1936 Harley E,EL ( 2 bolt air cleaner, 4 line, 2-348 casting, the "4" stamped by hand on a raised boss)
1937 Harley E,EL ( 4 bolt air cleaner, 4 line, 2-348 casting, the "4" stamped by hand on a raised boss)
M5        1938 & 1939 Harley E,EL ( 4 bolt air cleaner flange,4 line, 2-348 casting,the "4"cast in with the other numbers, 
                2 soldered in plugs & 2 threaded drill plugs in the bowl stem )

M5        Late 1939 only Harley E,EL ( 4 bolt air cleaner,4 line, 2-348 casting, the "4"cast in with the other numbers,
threaded drill plugs only in the bowl stem )
M5C      1936-1939 Harley E,EL ( Chicago Police )
M5F      1936-1939 Harley  E,EL ( Police/ CHP )
M5XX   1936-1939 Harley E, EL ( Various Police Depts. Substitute letters for X's )
M5NYPD - "Probably" phony- Do not believe this was original as my understanding is that the NYPD was running                     all Indians during this time period, but who knows for sure now, they may have played with Harleys then.
MR5      Harley racing carb.
M6 & variants  -   See the Beck application data
& variants  -   See the Beck application data
& variants  -   See the Beck application data

M7H      Henderson           
( sold with adapter plate )
M7H4    Henderson 4 Cyl.  ( sold with adapter plate)
M10/H4 Henderson 4  cyl.  ( sold with adapter plate)
M11      1930-1935 Harley D,R,Servicar
1930's Harley boardtrack racer ?
M16      1930-1935  Harley RL, 1930-1935 74" Commercial, 1936-1948 Harley R,W,Servicar
M17R    1942  Harley XA, right side carb
M17L    1942 harley XA, left side carb
M18      1949-1958 Harley W,Servicar
M18RC 1942 Crosley Convertible, right side carb
M18LC 1942 Crosley Convertible, left side carb
M20      1940's Indian boardtrack racer
M21      1930-1933 Harley 74" except commercial, 1930-1933 Harley DLD, RLD
M25      1940 Harley E,EL, 1941 F,FL
M25R    1940 ? Harley Race Carb - same casting as M25S but in ALUMINUM with very unique main nozzle
M25S    1940 Harley WLDR, early 1941 WLDR
1930-1933 Harley 74" except commercial, 1930-E35 Harley DLD, RLD (Early "round" Casting)
M31      L1935-36 Harley DLD,RLD,RL ( Late casting with un-machined OHV shoulder cast in )
M31F1   1930-1933 Harley Police ?
M341    1941 Indian Chief  74
1942 Indian Chief  74
M343    1943 Indian Chief  74
M344    1944 Indian Chief  74
M344NYPD 1944 Indian Chief  74, New York Police Dept.
M345    No production
M346    No production
M347    No production
M348    No production
M35      1941-1947 Harley E,EL, 1941-1947 F,FL
L1945-E1947 Harley E,EL,F,FL ( I believe this carb actually came out on what would be early 1946 models.)
M35TP  L1947-1948 Harley E,EL,F,FL
M35P    1947 Harley Police
M35S     Late 1941 Harley WLDR, 1941 WRTT
M35F     1942-1948 Harley Police
M350     1950 Indian Chief 80
M351     No official production
M352     1952-1953 Indian Chief 80 ( nearly all  352 models are factory restamps of different carbs as Indian was using various parts left "on  the           shelf".  They owed everyone money at this point.  I believe only one small shipment of "factory" 352 bodies were ever shipped to them, and that is questionable .)
M352C   1952 Indian Chief, Chicago Police Dept.
M352NYPD 1952 Indian Chief, New York Police Dept.
M352xxx  Various police depts. Replace the X's with CA, CHP,F etc.
M353      Have seen several of these over the last 40 years.All appear the same, Indian probably stamped them " in house" for the very last run of Chiefs.
1941-up Indian Bonneville Motors Stamped BM
                    (always has a small 6 to right of number boss as do "most" of the M352s since most were restamped  MBONNs)

M36     1949-E-1950 Harley 61, E-1949 F,FL
1949-E-1950 Harley 61, E-1949 F,FL  (field conversion for M36)
1948- L1949 Panhead Racing (distinct nozzle - see photo below)
M41       1936 Harley VLD - Early 338 4 line casting
M41       1937-1939 Harley WL, WLD - early - 348 body, 4 line casting / 1940-1941 - late - 348 body, 3 line casting
M41L     1935-1936 Harley VLH
M42       1937-1948 Harley 74" & 80" side valve.
1937-1939 348 body, 4 line casting.1940-1948 348 body, 3 line casting
M441      1941 Indian 4 cyl
1942 Indian 4 cyl
M45        L-1949-E-1950 Harley F,FL ( #12 disc for 61", 9X disc for 74")
M45A      L-1949-E-1950 Harley F,FL ( field conversion for M45) ( #12 disc for 61", 9X disc for 74")
M45S      L1949-E1950 Panhead Racing (distinct nozzle - see photo below)
M51        1937-1948 Harley U,UL, 1942-1948 Harley WL,WLD, 1942 Harley US Navy
               1937-1939 348 body, 4 line casting. 1940-1948 348 body, 3 line casting
M51F      1942-1948 Harley UL, ULH  Police.
M51L      1937-1941 Harley UH, ULH -
1937-1939 348 body, 4 line casting. 1940-1948 348 body, 3 line casting
M52        1949-E-1951 45 except W, Servicar
M53        1952-1954 Harley K models (there is also a version with a distinct racing nozzle, but with no different model
                #- see nozzle photo below - this is one of several I have pulled from 53s, all the same )
M53A1    1955-1956 Harley KH models
M54      L-1951-1952 Harley W,Servicar
M54B      L-1951-1952 Harley WLA
M541      1941 Indian 30/50 Junior Scout
1942 Indian 30/50 Junior Scout
M55        1936-1939 Harley E,EL , (1950's field replacement for M5)
M58        1941-1942 Harley U, UL South Africa, 1943-1944 Harley Navy U, UL
(early 398 casting, early type number stamp) L-1950 Harley E,EL
(late 408 casting, latey type number stamp) 1951-1952 Harley E,EL
M61B      (late 408 casting, latey type number stamp) 1951-1952 Harley 61 field replacement
M64        1940 Harley WLA
M641      1941-1942 Indian Sport Scout 45
1941-1942 Indian Sport Scout 45
M644      Indian racing carb
M648      1948 Indian Daytona big base 45
M65        1940 Harley UA
M74        (early 398 casting, early type number stamp) L-1950 ( #12 disc for 61", 9X disc for 74")
M74        (later 408 casting, late type number stamp in same location as M74B )E-1951 Harley F,FL ( see above)
M74B     (early 408 casting) L-1951
M74B     (late 418 casting ) 1952-1965 Harley F,FL
M741-1   1941-1943 Indian Military scout 741 GDA
M75        Early casting ( 378 ) 1941 OHV 
( #12 disc for 61", 9X disc for 74")
M75        Late casting ( 398 ) 1942-1948 Harley OHV
( #12 disc for 61", 9X disc for 74")
M77        Unknown application
M84        E-1941 Harley WLA
M841L    1941 Indian 841 HDA 45" Opposed Twin, left
1941 Indian 841 HDA 45" Opposed Twin, right
M88        1937-1952 Harley W,WLA,WLC
M90        1942-Harley ELC,1942 Harley ELA
M97        1941 Haley TA

L&L DC Model carburetor applications -
Went through old records back to 1965 & this is correct DC fitment, once and for all.
DC1        1957 Sportster XL
DC-1L       1958 Sportster XL
DC1M       1959-1960 Sportster XL ( does seem to be a minor overlap with very early 1961, may be the                                 that the DC4 was going to be used on )
DC-2          1959-1965 Servicar
DC4           Have only seen 2 since 1965 and I have no idea of freaking fitment !
                   Probably an experimental L1960 or E1961
Sportster XL carb. These had #10 fixed jets.
DC-6         1961Sportster XLH,XLCH
DC-7         1966 FL,FLH
DC-10       1962-E1963 Sportster XLH,XLCH ( also used on 1969 militray XLB )
DC-12       L1963-1965 Sportster XLH,XLCH ( also used on 1969 military XLB )
All except DC2 are the same body. NOS bodies actually were shipped blank and the dealer stamped the number needed on them. I have owned a number of these NOS bodies over the years. If you have a larger bore body using a 9X throttle disc, this is from the modification bulletin Harley put out on the DC carbs many years ago. I do have a copy of this and it is posted here.
Differences on all except the DC2 were in jet sizes, needle & seats, bowl lettering, etc, all minor. If you go to our Jet page you can see which jets fit which models.
NO - they did not make a DC3, DC5, DC8, DC9, or DC11 ( "real" DC11 "race" carbs were modified versions of other DC models as per the race modification bulletin listed above, whether by Harley themselves for the XLR or by a particular dealer. Linkert did not make DC11 carbs as such, and you will also find these mods on every model out there except DC2, a few well done and re-stamped as DC11 ( probably by Harley for racers) , some very poor quality backyard jobs with the idle ports ruined, so look them over carefully. )

M36S & M45S racing nozzle               

M53 Racing Nozzle ( alcohol ? )
Possibly used on 53A1 although I have only 
 found in M53 so far and then only in some bombsight versions.

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