The Linkert ( Langsenkamp / Beck  / DC Model )
  & Schebler Carburetor

A valid resale license or Tax ID #  in the motorcycle industry is required to be on file to order from this site.
All orders from this site are call in or email only

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We are considering the sale of Linkert Carbs. *.
The price would be $ 600,000, including inventory ( we have a LOT ).
This does include both web sites, &

It does NOT include the "Into The Wilderness" name or my antler web site as that will become my hobby again, nor does it include my fox logo.
And to answer a couple of questions, no, we will NOT compete with you, but we
will help you get up and running. We  will help buyer convey all shopping carts, both web sites, and help train in carb building if needed, as negotiated, and consult as negotiated. You should be able to actually start processing sales from day 1 .
No real estate is involved. It will include all stock inventory at time of sale, 2 web sites, 2 professional bead blast cabinets, 2 late model upright compressors, antique DAKE size "O" mechanical press, misc hand tools, sources, carb inventory at time of sale, 2 bench model drill presses, 2 benchtop sanders, misc. supplies, much gridwall, 10x20 show tent, + heavy duty 10x20 custom made show tent that can also be set up as 10x10, show tables, 2 credit card machines, complete web sites on hard drive,etc. Also includes a Haulmark trailer I have set up as a portable shop.
Expansion possibilities limited only by your imagination. You not only have our unique, established, & growing carburetor market, but also dealerships for Eastern, V-Twin, & James Gaskets to use and expand as well as expansion in the antique motorcycle show world. Buyer should also have a well rated ebay account as we treat this as expensive, but effective, advertising.
  Financial records available to sincere buyer. Payback currently estimated at 5-6 years without expansion. Easiest and quickest way to expand will be ADVERTISING & additional antique motorcycle shows such as Wauseon, Dixon, Barber, etc. but do not lose sight of the fact that we are primarily a worldwide mail order business that does not even advertise !

It is an absolute must that any potential buyer likes to deal with the public and is willing to spend a lot of time just helping people with advice and verbal service that you will not be paid for, but will be greatly appreciated by those you help, and usually results in sales down the road. This is considered part of the service of this business. If you do not like dealing with the public and are not willing to treat every customer as a personal friend (and many have become friends over the years), then this is not a business for you, nor will we sell it to you.
Personal advice to any potential buyer - learn to make really good cookies.

If interested, call 307-367-7945 and ask for Mike
* Please note that we do not have to sell the business, and if we do not find a buyer that interests us and values the business and our customers as much as we do, we will not sell it, period * Price is as of 10/01/15, Reason for selling - I simply wish to retire and spend more time hunting, fishing & riding with my friends, but frankly, I have had the time of my life with this business and met many great people.
Also note that we are expanding our product line through all of 2015 and price will increase as we bring new products into inventory. Also, be sure you have financing or capital in place so that you do now waste your time.

International payments by paypal only.
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Into The Wilderness
10159 US Hwy 191, Pinedale, WY 82941  ( UPS / Fedex ONLY )
P.O. Box 1908 , Pinedale, WY 82941-1908  ( Mail only )
Wyoming - 307-367-7945 / Cell 307-360-6005 /
VT ( May - July ) 802-368-7866
We will be closed 5/1 - 5/8 while we make a run to the VT shop.
Number there is 802-368-7866
Emails remain the same.

YES - We ship w o r l d w i d e - contact us.  
Updated 4/19/20
Make parts for Linkert carburetors ? Think you can ?
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Linkert / Schebler / Beck Motorcycle Carburetor Application Data
Our latest factory information now makes this the largest and most complete data base of it's kind in the world relating to early American motorcycle carburetors. We will shortly add what info we have also gathered for early Tillotson, Zenith, Stromberg, and even the Carters used on the Harley experimentals
What is it, what does it fit, what model carb do you need ?
We are trying to make this the most complete data base of antique
motorcycle carburetors available. This is to the best of our knowledge based on experience, our records, and input from many friends ,dealers, & customers over the years. May not be 100%, but damn close

Any useful information to add would be appreciated as this is only what we have gleaned over the past 40 years. A lot of blanks yet.
 Accuracy is to the best of our knowledge and we assume no responsibilty for use or misuse of this data.
 Use as a guide only and do your own research. You may copy this data.
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